After a very hot, sunny and relaxing summer holiday, it is most likely that you have spent a lot of time outdoors. Whether it was on the beach, in the swimming pool or just working in the garden, the sun and being outdoors have taken their toll on our skins.  Over-exposure to the sun results in pigmentation or dark sun spots, accelerated ageing and the skin losing much of its elasticity. Unfortunately, the downside of a good ‘outdoorsy’ holiday is that any sun damage, freckles or sun spots become more noticeable. This is where Colorescience comes to the rescue, offering a wide variety of protective, skin-healthy make-up and sunscreen products.

The Colorescience solution

As a specific solution to after-holiday freckles and sun damage, the Colorescience Even-Up Clinical Pigment Perfector SPF 50 is the perfect go-to product to brighten, correct and protect your skin. As a triple-action product, it slowly breaks down pigmentation and diminishes the appearance of discoloration and brown spots, covers up pigmentation through its light tint, and protects against future sun damage with an SPF 50.

The Perfector should be applied liberally after moisturiser, 15 minutes before sun exposure, and helps to ensure even coverage prior to applying make-up.  As in the case of all sunscreens, Even-Up Clinical Pigment Perfector should be reapplied after 40 minutes of swimming, sweating or immediately after towel drying and at least every 80 minutes, to optimise its benefits. 

Other multi-purpose sun protection products

Colorescience is renowned for offering products that serve multiple purposes. Its range of skin perfectors aim to improve skin texture and tone as well as diminish fine lines and pore size, while consistently providing sun protection. These perfecting primers come in a variety of colours and for all skin types, addressing anything from oily, acne-prone skin to sensitive red skin and everything in between.

The multiple action theme runs through Colorescience’s foundations too, providing protection, coverage and defense from further environmental stressors to your skin.

Blurring the line between make-up and skin care

Colorescience continues to provide us with products that are designed to protect and improve our skins for the future.  With a focus on 365-day skin health, Colorescience ensures that all its formulations protect, treat, correct, and enhance our skins.

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